What others are saying about BestRxCard

My father picked up one of the prescription cards at his Doctor’s office. He took it to the pharmacy and saved $141 on 3 prescriptions. He is 91 years old and this makes such a difference in his monthly budget. Thank You, Heather


I saved $45.64 on my prescription with the card. I just can’t believe this could happen!

S. M.Davie, Florida

I have an Obamacare Bronze Plan and my deductible is $5,000. My three monthly prescriptions cost over $500. I used the BestRxCard and saved over $320. Wow, what a savings! Everyone with an Obamacare plan should have the BestRXCard to help with the cost of their Meds!
Dave – Boca Grande

DaveBoca Grande

Thank you! Thank you so much for this card. I saved $75.95 on one prescription. I don’t have insurance and this card helped me so much!

Mary S.Metarie, LA