What others are saying about BestRxCard

I have an Obamacare Bronze Plan and my deductible is $5,000. My three monthly prescriptions cost over $500. I used the BestRxCard and saved over $320. Wow, what a savings! Everyone with an Obamacare plan should have the BestRXCard to help with the cost of their Meds!
Dave – Boca Grande

DaveBoca Grande

Thank you! Thank you so much for this card. I saved $75.95 on one prescription. I don’t have insurance and this card helped me so much!

Mary S.Metarie, LA

My father picked up one of the prescription cards at his Doctor’s office. He took it to the pharmacy and saved $141 on 3 prescriptions. He is 91 years old and this makes such a difference in his monthly budget. Thank You, Heather


I saved $45.64 on my prescription with the card. I just can’t believe this could happen!

S. M.Davie, Florida